Frequently (Real) Asked Questions

General DJ Questions

AMWDJ offers wedding and event DJ services. We provide DJ for your entertainment for wedding, corporate events (e.g. employee appreciation events, holiday parties, employee conferences), private events, and we also have a photo booth rental for events. 

Absolutely! We encourage everyone to meet with us, interview us, and check us out from head-to-toe. It’s important that we are the right fit for you. This is an extremely important step!

Our rates are very competitive with other Arkansas DJs. We have different packages designed to meet a variety of budgets. The cost is determined by a number of factors including the date, time, size and location of your reception, and of course, the types of services in which you are interested. As an example, MC, uplighting, dancing on a cloud, photo booths, are options you can select.  

First off, we love being a part of that once-in-a-lifetime moments. Your event is special and it’s an honor to play a role.

Second, we are professional and highly experienced! You can count on us to get it right at your event. Your event should be perfect, and with proper planning and AMWDJ, it will be.

100% digital state of the art professional equipment is essential for great music and we provide the best.  

Our sound systems are professional DJ systems using computers and DJ equipment. They are not designed to work with live instruments and band related equipment. Please ask your musicians to supply their own Public Address (PA) sound system for their needs.

Yes we do! Our DJs are mobile and we can provide services to a wide variety of areas.

•Little Rock, AR

•North Little Rock, AR

•Hot Springs, AR

•Pine Bluff, AR

•El Dorado, AR

•Jacksonville, AR

•Benton, AR

•Conway, AR

Wedding DJ Questions

The music selection for your wedding reception is totally up to you! Every couple is different. Some want the DJ to blend their requests with those of their guests to create a fun dance reception. Others want the DJ to stick strictly to music they have requested ahead of time. Either way the option is yours – your day, your music, the way you want.

Count on us to help you with as many (or as few) of the traditional announcements and formalities as you would like.

As much or as little as you would like! As with music, couples have very different ideas about what they want for their wedding. If you want your DJ to be personable and outgoing with a fun personality, we have you covered!  And if you want someone who is more subdued and low key, we have the perfect DJ for that, too!

You bet! More couples are choosing to say their vows at their reception location than ever before, and we are here to help make that a beautiful moment with a seamless transition from ceremony to reception.

Your plans for your reception will dictate if you need an MC/DJ team, or just a DJ.  It all comes down to the announcements and flow of your event.  If you are just planning on music without the formalities of entrances, toasts, cake cutting, etc. then a DJ should be just fine. On the other hand, the more involved your reception is with activities and announcements, the more important the addition of a well-trained MC is to the success of your reception.

Booking us for your special day is easy! Just give us a call at 501.348.4957 and we will answer every one of your questions. We will walk you through each step of your reception to ensure everything is exactly the way you want it to be. We will talk about ways to personalize your reception, blend in your own style, add unique options, and more. It’s a really simple process.  Call us and let’s talk about the wedding of your dreams! We will be excited to help make your dream wedding become reality, creating lifetime memories for you and your significant other!

We know that wedding crashers are not welcome at your wedding! Each wedding is private and no one should attend without an invitation. Even if someone wants to see us at work, we will respect the privacy of your day, period. . . no exceptions!

Of course!  As communication is the key to success, you would need to have this important conversation so your wedding day turns out as you desire.

Absolutely! Wedding ceremony audio (sound) is an excellent option for your officiant.

Since your wedding is a unique event, we only want to offer you the best experience with reasonable costs. Brides can choose one of our cost-effective packages and enjoy our years of experience that will transform their big day into a stylish, unforgettable event. Our special effects and additions, such as monogram lighting, photo montages, up-lighting, and photo booths will add that extra touch to your wedding ceremony.

It is true that while there are some cheaper DJs than Arkansas’ Most Wanted DJ, there are also pricier ones. However, we are convinced you won’t find a better quality and more professional company than us. 

Yes, there really is – Think of it this way. On many popular talent/singing shows today you see or hear the MC (Ryan Seacrest, Nick Cannon, Carson Daly, etc.) continually keeping the show on track, the audience informed and engaged and everything flowing smoothly – especially if there is a glitch or stumble with the contestants or judges. Those shows also have a very skilled DJ who plays the music tracks for the contestants, and while you never see them, that role is important as well.

Now imagine one of those shows without an MC and DJ. Picture Ryan, Nick or Carson trying to make his announcements and then scrambling back to the DJ booth to play the next song? Sounds kind of silly doesn’t it?  Not a good look either.

It wouldn’t work very well for the show, and it doesn’t work very well for a wedding with announcements and formalities either. Grand Entrances, Announcements, Cake Cuttings, Toasts and First Dances all really need a polished MC to be at their best.

Wedding coordinators are like the coach of the team and they love working with our MCs! They know the difference between a cheap unprofessional DJ and a pro who is going to help make your wedding flow smoothly. A team is only as strong as its weakest link, and a terrific wedding coordinator does even better with a great MC (imagine the coach and star quarterback).

Absolutely! When the toast or announcement moment occurs, we will be more than happy to set any of your guests up and explain how the microphone works so that the message goes through loud and clear.

Photo Booth Questions

Yes, you can rent the photo booth only for your corporate event.

Absolutely, we can design your photo strip and add your company logo to commemorate the event.

Yes, we can provide you with a USB/Flash drive of the images taken after the event.

Our photo booth is staffed with an attendant to assist with the seamless flow of the photo session and can troubleshoot in case of any malfunctions.

Typically, a 10 foot by 10 foot area works well.  This allows for a backdrop, prop table and of course the photo booth.

No, our booth is what the industry considers “open-air” which allows for more people and interestingly, more creativity in your session!

No, our booth requires power and prefer to be within 25-feet of a wall socket.

Absolutely, you can use your own props especially if you have a theme specific to your event.

Dj Questions

Hopefully, immediately after our meeting with your retainer fee to reserve your date.  Otherwise, agreements need to be signed and retainers received no later than seven (7) days from our meeting or contract sent date.

Yes, we can use the video platforms for your convenience and for social distancing, if needed.

We can take requests or we can do what we do, play and mix amazing music!

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